Volunteer To Help

If you are healthy, have some time available and would like to help those who need it to get through these difficult times, then take a look through the policy which governs this Support Scheme. Churt Parish Council Policy If you would like to help, then place a post to this effect on the Covid19 Community Support Group Facebook Page 

Your offer will be picked up and your residence status in Churt will be verified before you are added to the Covid-19 Churt Whatsapp Group. (You will need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone). Once you are in this WhatsApp Group, you will see requests posted which outline individual help requirements. If you are able to fulfil that request, say so on the WhatsApp Group and the Churt Co-ordinator will contact you to put you in touch with the requestor. Phone or email the person asking for help and agree how / when you will action the request and how payment will work. Payments .You are not obliged to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable and are prohibited from any illegal activity.

Please identify yourself by holding up official Identification (Driving Licence, or Passport) on your first visit. ID can be held up at a window if possible, or held up at a distance. On all visits try to avoid personal contact, but if it is unavoidable, keep at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from one another, limit the time spent together to no more than 15 minutes maximum and where possible conduct your meeting in the open air and avoid indoor spaces.


Take care when visiting the Assistance Requestor’s home. Visits should normally be during day-light hours to observe access routes, steps, gates, potential trip hazards etc.  Assistance Requestors are asked to inform their Volunteer in advance of any dogs, or other pets, at the property and, wherever possible, are asked to keep dogs away from Volunteers attending the property. They are also advised to tell you if they have any allergies and of things to avoid if you are forced to make substitutions in shopping for them.


Leave the delivery outside an Assistance Requestor’s property, but notify them that it is there. When the request has been completed, advise completion on the WhatsApp Group.


If the request is for prescription support, the requestor will need to share some personal information with you, including full name, full address, date of birth, type of medication and quantity to be collected. Handle this information in strictest confidence.  It is possible that Assistance Requestors may need to ask their Doctor’s Surgery to provide written consent for you to collect medication.


Please see Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK- Organising to Support the Most Vulnerable and keep up to date with the latest Central Government Public Health Information ,following their guidance.. Volunteers are expected to wash their hands regularly, following NHS Guidance . If available, please use hand sanitiser before and after contact with an Assistance Requestor’s property e.g. doorbell / knocker.


If you or any member of your household shows Covid-19 symptoms then you MUST cease all CCS Scheme activity IMMEDIATELY and post advice on the Volunteer WhatsApp Group. You will be removed by the Administrator who will advise you by private message of the procedure for possible future reinstatement, in line with all government isolation advice. You and your entire household should then self-isolate for 14 days. The symptoms are high temperature (37.8 degrees and above) and/or a new, continuous cough. Please read the Government’s Stay at Home Guidance


If you find yourself unable to continue offering support under the CCS Scheme, please inform the WhatsApp Volunteer Group Co-ordinator by posting a request for removal on the WhatsApp Volunteer Group. She will then remove you from the Group.


By participating in this Churt Community Support Scheme, you understand and accept the risk of contracting Covid-19. Whilst this Policy follows Government’s public health guidance to minimise risk, all public contact carries risk which cannot be eliminated. Volunteers supporting Assistance Requestors within the community will increase their risk of contracting Covid-19. Volunteers and Assistance Requestors participate in this CCSS at their own risk