Preventing Contagion

If personal contact between the Assistance Requestor and the Volunteer is unavoidable, keep at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from one another, limit the time spent together to no more than 15 minutes maximum and where possible conduct your meeting in the open air and avoid indoor spaces.


To minimise risk, deliveries will normally be left outside the property and the Volunteer will let the Assistance Requestor know it is there.


Volunteers are expected to wash their hands regularly, following NHS Guidance If available, they will use hand sanitiser before and after contact with an Assistance Requestor’s property e.g. doorbell / knocker.


If an Assistance Requestor is unwell, they must not pay for goods with cash and should use a remote method of payment. Additionally, the strong advice is to disinfect cash before it is handed between Volunteers and Assistance Requestors whenever possible.


If any Volunteer or member of their household shows Covid-19 symptoms then they MUST cease all CCS Scheme activity IMMEDIATELY and will self-isolate themselves and their entire household for 14 days following the Government’s Stay at Home Guidance